Oriental dance trainer and performing artist, choreographer, artistic director of the dance company, Amadriades, and of the Studio Iaspis.

Olympia is a professional dancer and choreographer who has been dancing for almost her entire life. Her precise dance technique, dramatic temperament, joie de vivre, and positive energy are what set her apart. She is the artistic director of the dance companys, Amadriades, and Hifestion and is known for her creative and content-rich choreographies that often convey female empowerment in motion.

She has been performing internationally and teaching students with enthusiasm and motivation. She teaches her students the many dance styles of Oriental dance and has already trained many instructors. Throughout the years, she has taught classes at many different cultural institutes, given courses at the community colleges which form part of the Vienna community education program (die Wiener Volksbildung); she has taught at the Polycollege and at renowned dance studios, given private lessons, been an educator for “Tanz bei Wien Xtra” and at the Institute for Kindergarten and Nursery School Pedagogics.

Olympia has  performed many prouduktions with her dance company in various Viennese theatres.

She has taken part in many multicultural events--at the Wiener Kongresshaus, the Theresianum, belly dancing festivals, various balls, Oriental meeting spots like Aux Gazelles and at the international arts festival, Artefax, in Meran, Italy. In addition to this, she has appeared on Austrian TV (ORF) and radio.

In February 2006, she founded the Studio Iaspis, which is a wonderful space where movement and energy flourish with an emphasis on Oriental dance. Also offered in this setting are Indian yoga, Far Eastern Qi Gong and energy practices such as sound massage (Klangenergetik), danceworkout and relaxation. 

She is a certified relaxation instructor with additional training in sound massage and Qi Gong. She herself does yoga and Reiki. This wide-ranging knowledge imbues her teaching with professionalism and surprising versatility, especially with regards to technique and performance.

Olympia is Greek and was born into an artistic family. She grew up with belly dancing, experiencing it as a traditional woman’s dance with all its joy and lust for life; Greek folk dancing was also part of her upbringing.

She learned belly dancing professionally in all its variations from well-known teachers hailing from Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, Syria, India, … 


Her unquenchable interest not only for the many different dance steps, but also for the historical and cultural background and roots of the dances, have lead her to do her own research and to go on trips to varoius countries—like Greece, Egypt, India, Indonesia… 

Olympia’s dancing style is indescribably versatile and full of variety: it is everything from powerfully earthy to joyfully playful, from elusively diva-like to seductive and teasing; from mysterious to mystical. Along with mastering Oriental dance, she feels totally at ease with the dance of Tara, Gypsy, tribal, and different temple dances and is constantly learning and developing in order to further refine her unbelievably unique style.